Thank You Ubuntu User

I doubt the folks at Ubuntu User Magazine will see this, but I want to send an open letter to them anyway…

I checked my personal checking account online at the banking web site and found a strange transaction from Topeka, KS. I’ve never been to Kansas, let alone Topeka. Red flags went up all over the place, so I called my bank for more information. They said that the charge came from “Ogden Publication.” While I had them on the phone I Googled for that company’s name and found a list of their publications. It was all rural living and self-sustainability type stuff. Nothing I’m really interested in. Nothing I really care about. Nothing I would ever order.

I told the bank to go ahead and file a claim. The first thing they did was cancel my debit card and issue me a new one (which will arrive soon.) This is a reasonable thing to do, so I was happy with that. While I was on the phone the banking lady tried to sell me on some mortgage stuff, and I was only half listening to her. Somewhere during her conversation, I remembered that my Ubuntu User Magazine subscription was coming up soon. I Googled for “Ubuntu User Magazine” and clicked the “Subscribe Now” button, which took me to the domain I pulled up the whois information on and found it to be under the name Ogden Publication.

Seems like the charge was legit after all even though Ubuntu User Magazine is not listed under the main Ogden Publication web site even though it should be.

I told the bank lady (who was very nice, very professional and very helpful) that we didn’t need to file a claim, so she canceled that action very quickly, but told me that it was too late to reverse the debit card cancellation. Damn.

That means, thanks to Ubuntu User Magazine, I’m without a debit card for about a week.

My message to the magazine? Please put the name of the magazine being subscribed to in the name of the bank transaction or, at least, put your title under the listing at Ogden Publication’s web site. Shouldn’t be too hard of a task, I don’t think.

PS: I do like Ubuntu User Magazine. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have allowed the auto-renew to go through.

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